Simple. Safe. Y.Share


Get started

The car owner leaves the key in the designated box placed somewhere inside the vehicle, for instance in the glove compartment. The car is ready to be shared.


Reserve the car

The registered Y.Share user sends a request to book the car via the app. The car owner approves (or declines) the request.



Once authorised by the owner, the user locates the vehicle on the map and connects to the box via the app.


Opening the car

The box communicates with the Y.Share web platform and verifies the validity of the request. If the access is authorised, the box will physically push the unlock button of the car key inside the box to open the car. The user opens the box and takes the key.


On the go

The user is on their way. When the journey is finished, the user puts the key back inside the box and locks the vehicle with their smartphone.